Equipment Check List

  • Equipment Bag
  • Tee Stand
  • 3-5 Batter Helmets
  • 10 Safety Balls
Coach Pitch
  • Equipment Bag
  • 3-5 Batter Helmets
  • 10 Safety Balls
Division 7yrs old & up
  • Equipment Bag
  • 3-5 Batter Helmets
  • 10 Balls
  • Catcher Met
  • 2 Catcher Helmets
  • 2 Throat Guards
  • 1 Chest Protector
  • 1 Set of Shin Guards
  • 1 Scorebook
  • 1 PK Line Cards
  • Little League Patches
Coaches Binder – Download Here
  • Title Page
  • PBSA Contact List
  • Pittsburg Fields
  • Little League Contact List - Baseball or Softball
  • Team Roster - Print from Online
  • Pitching Log
  • Pitching Rules - Softball
  • Division Rules - *Print Only the rules for your division
  • Medical Release Form/Parent Code of Conduct
  • PONY Medical Release Form (BB ONLY)
  • Incident Forms
  • Release of PBSA Team Equipment
  • Volunteer Forms
Review the Website Content

Website Content – Coaches Page: Every Manager/Coach should check out this page for new content and regular updates.

Coaches guide to using Si – See Attachment

Respond to the following questions

  1. Is there anyone at your practice which is NOT on your roaster?
  2. Has your team received a date/time to pick-up you’re team uniforms?
    • Reminder: All PAYMENTS are due before the players uniform will be released
  3. Do you have any questions which have NOT been answered or require additional clarification?

Things To Remember

  • Absence - Absence players/coaches, please email
  • Baseball/Softball Rules Clinic – See attached file
  • Registration Fees
    • Please remind your families they can make payment with Adoru on Thursday, 3/16/18
    • Please remind your parents, no payment no uniforms
  • Uniforms
    • Uniforms – send your available date/time for next week to pick up your teams uniforms
  • Si App & Team Website
  • Practices
    • Teams will be given 2-3 days practice weekly
    • Fridays are 1st-come; 1st-sever; Contact Adoru to schedule date/time
  • Games
    • There can ONLY be 3 APPROVED adults on the field/dugout, per team
      • These individuals would be the coaching staff listed on your roaster, anyone else is NOT prohibited to be on the field/dugout. To have someone approved, the individual will need to complete the background form and submitted to Adoru.
      • Please let me know if someone is missing
    • Teams should arrive 60 minutes prior to the games start time
    • Coaches should walk the fields and do a Safety Check
    • Coaches cannot catch for players
    • Coaches are responsible for checking all equipment, league, and players
      • All equipment should be line-up outside of the dugout for the Umpires to inspect prior to the game
      • Once the umpire has thrown out a piece of equipment, remove it from the dugout, the consequence for NOT removing banned equipment can include but not limited to manager/player suspension, and/or team forfeit.

Have fun... Players remember the way they felt, NOT the wins/losses


1.       A parent wants there player to play on my team. Can I add them to my roaster?

a.      No. Although the league does our best in taking parents’ concerns into consideration, we place players based on the need of team fulfillment, to ensure all our players have the opportunity to play baseball/softball.

2.       I have a player on my team which is NOT on my roaster, how do I get this corrected?

a.      Send an email to,,

3.       I have players on my roster which as does not show up to practice or games.

a.      Send an email to with the players name, team name and PBSA Admin will reach out to the parents and make appropriate updates.

4.       Do all players need a Medical Release Form completed?

a.      Yes… In order to be on the fields, all players should have Medical Release on field with the league Administrator and in the Coaches Team Binder.

5.       Who will cancel games/practices due to weather/field condition?

a.      PBSA Admin, will send out a league-wide email/text message by 3pm, if games/practice are cancelled due to weather/field condition. 

b.      Team Manager/Coaches, should reach out to the opposing team Manager/Coach and inform them of the cancellation, AFTER receiving the cancellation email from PBSA Admin.

6.       Who will reschedule rained out games?

a.      Baseball, email  Dan Flores,,,

b.      Softball email, Stephen McLennan,,,

7.       I need to Cancel my practice, who should I contact.

a.      Before cancelling any practices, contact Stephen, Charassa, Dan, Jerry.  PBSA Admins will try to have your practice covered, if possible.

8.       How do I request practice days/times?

a.      Email;

9.       Can a Team Manager/Coach schedule a practice without contacting the league?

a.      NO… To keep confusion down we have one person manage the field’s schedule. Please work with Adour to schedule practice day/times.

10.   I need team equipment, who should I contact?

a.       Send an email to and Contact/see Jerry, Dan, and Stephen.

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